a trip to south east asia in late 2016 inspired fia to use natural dyes and create the label. in the small village of pai, thailand fia learnt to dye with clay, rocks and flora. returning home to the sunshine coast, fia was eager to see if she could implement these techniques to her own label.

all garments are hand dyed by fia using a product from the natural environment. the current, ss19, collection is dyed with mulberries. with previous collections, fia has sourced avocado seeds and lentils from local cafes, reducing their waste where possible. once fia has dyed the garment, the by product is then composted giving back to mother earth.


Hemp and organic cotton is used in all collections. The fabric is sourced from Western Australia and manufactured off shore. unfortunately, there are currently no facilities in Australia that produce hemp as a fibre.

Hemp is durable, absorbent and softens with wear. The fibre requires little water to grow, limited pesticides and herbicides, and grows at a fast rate. Organic cotton is woven with the hemp to produce a comfortable garment.

about current collection

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