our story

Lilla by Fia is a conscious fashion label based on the sunshine coast. all garments are designed and made by fia tomkins. lilla by fia was created in 2017 as an idea whilst travelling. the idea was to create an alternative to fast fashion using sustainable fabrics and natural dyes, which became the start of lilla by fia.

being born in denmark and having a danish mother fia grew up learning the language. the danish culture was a huge part of her upbringing and shaped who she is today. lilla translates to purple, or any shade of the colour, in danish.

after experimenting with various plants as a dye, she chose the name ‘lilla’, as it is the most common shade produced. this collection is especially close to fia as she spent summers picking and eating wild berries with her mormor (grandma) in the scandinavian country.

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