Sofia Tomkins, the founder of Lilla by Fia was born in Denmark to a Danish mother. Lilla in Danish translates to lilac, mauve or any variation of the colour purple. Each season Fia will introduce a colour that comes from the natural environment, whether it be plants, fruit, vegetables or flowers aiming to use its by-product. Lilla by Fia was established through Fia's conscious living and love for fashion. This season Fia is embracing lentils. 


The fabric used throughout the collection is hemp and organic cotton. The fabric is sourced from Western Australia and manufactured off shore as there are currently no facilities in Australia that produce hemp as a fibre. Hemp is a wonderful fibre that is durable, absorbent  and softens with wear. The fibre requires little water, limited pesticides and herbicides, and grows at a fast rate. Organic cotton is woven with the hemp for a more comfortable garment.


Fia has designed, drafted, cut, sewn and hand dyed the current collection herself. Each piece is beautifully made with love and care. There is little to no waste once the pattern is cut as the scraps are used as clothes tags. Smaller scraps are also used to attach the swing tags. The tags are screen printed on additional fabric scraps by a local company which uses eco friendly inks. The business cards and swing tags are printed with plant based inks and printed on recycled paper. The Australian company that Fia has consciously chosen to print with do not use harmful chemicals as the inks are plant based and chemicals are not used when rinsing machines. Fia aims to educate and create awareness of the impacts the fashion industry has on the environment, which is her sole purpose.



Fia has created a conscious label however Fia is continually striving for a eco friendly business and making changes where she can.